The magic of Anne Catherine Becker Echivard’s fishy world


You might think that what you see are shots from A nightmare before Christmas, but this is a small part of  the satirical work belonging to the Parisian artist and photographer Anne Catherine Becker Echivard. She can be considered an author of moral stories, in which the characters are played by fish. Real fish, that end up on Anne’s plate after the story is told.

The artist created a universe in which the fish are dressed up in costumes made by herself and her mom, with a complex scenery that can take up to 3 months to build. The result is something quite alarming: the fish are dolls that recreate the sick, twisted, sometimes corrupt, sometimes conformist, modern human world.

Why fish, you ask? This is what Anne has to say on the subject : They are asexual and give a global message. That is neither the condition of women nor the condition of men. That is man, the human being, in general.

This is one clever way of playing with your food.

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52_fumerie-opium-2004-1a52_cosmogenie-ombilicale-2004-1a 52_i-love-you-2004-1a 52_incertitude-2002-1 52_lecon-anatomie-2003-1a 52_le-rayon-de-18h32-2003-1a 52_made-in-china-2005-1aa 52_modern-times-2003-1a 52_museum--histoire-baturelle-2003-1a 52_nostalgie-du-passe-immediat-2002 52_nostalgie-du-passe-latent-2001 52_the-wall-2004-1a

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