Nordic design at its best


Höst is a Danish restaurant that won The Best Design Restaurant 2013 award. Responsible with the design are the guys from Norm Architects, who’s portfolio is truly a source of inspiration. The fusion between the traditional Nordic kitchen and New Cuisine has been transposed into mixed inspirations and materials. The overall use of timber, woolen blankets, vintage objects and plenty of plants offer both warmth and restraint, so that the interior is as Scandinavian as it gets.

We like it allot and it reminds us of the similar design approach for the Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints) restaurant in Bucharest –

1-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 2-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 3-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 4-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 5-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 6-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 7-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 8-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 9-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 10-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 11-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 12-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 13-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 14-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 15-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu 17-host-by-norm-architects-and-menu


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