Just a cool, simple design you wish you would have thought of before

Relumine is a really neat project by two designers who form the Austria-based mischer’traxler studio. It’s one of those concepts that just make you think it’s so goddamn obvious and simple! DOOH!, then hurry up and buy two old lamps and a fluorescent tube and pump up your living room. The rest of their portfolio is just as cool as this little art piece. We especially enjoyed their Drawing time installation and the save-the-Austrian-moths lamp (though we can’t understand why moths need to be saved, we have plenty of them back home). Enjoy!


mischertraxler_relumine_AvarellAndSukimischertraxler_relumine_components mischertraxler_relumine_emil_detail mischertraxler_relumine_emilandclara mischertraxler_relumine_first mischertraxler_relumine_PierreAndHisAssistance mischertraxler_relumine_SimonAndAubergine mischertraxler_relumine_threelamps mischertraxler_relumine_trudy_detail mischertraxler_relumine_trudyundihrbewunderer mischertraxler_relumine_two_lamps mischertraxler_relumine_JuriAndLux_old-new


source: http://www.mischertraxler.com/projects_relumine.html

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