Canal House 3D Printing


Amsterdam based DUS architects are working to 3-D print the classic Dutch canal house, a project meant to get together science, design, construction and community.

They explain that 3D printing can have huge implications for the way things are fabricated – for example the elimination of waste, transport costs and standardization of elements, therefore DUS architects is investigating what the implications of 3D printing are for the building industry. They want their work to provide better housing in the world’s slums and emergency shelter for disaster victims. What better way to do this than by 3D printing an entire house?

They developed a large-scale movable 3-D printer called Kamermaker, or Roombuilder, to print the house room by room. The design for each room consists of the most integral elements: the structure, internal and external facades, and ornamentation.

They are also creating architectural inks that the Kamermaker can extrude that cure into tough structural materials. Their research is focused on blending inks that are renewable, sustainable, strong, biologically based, and attractive when cured.


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