About us

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Carcalete was born in 2013 in the minds of two young architects from Bucharest, who just want to share with the world their daily creative routine, hoping to make it a little bit better. By routine we mean researching, if either for our projects or just to keep up with the latest designs, and this blog is all about what thrills us more (or pisses us more, on a bad day).

Carcalete is a word that Romanians use to describe a cocktail from home-made alcohol. Yes, you got the point, this blog is a very colored cocktail about architecture, visual art and some other artsy stuff that makes a strong impression on us. Basically anything we can collect to make a nice library of brain and heart food. We seek inspirational designs and concepts or we point at the bad examples in our life, by making it fun to do so.

So, ladies and gentleman, please feel free to stop by and check on us once in a while. We will soon be your creativity dose daily providers.