The Jewel by Utopia Arkitekter



This jewel-inspired design for an office building in Sweden (Upsala) is courtesy of the Stockholm-based Utopia Arkitekter. It will also contain a waiting room for the Upsala’s train station and an underground bike park. The Jeweli will be a 11,000-square-metre structure which will produce its own solar power, with the aim to become the most energy-efficient building in Sweden. We like this project very much, do you?

The-Jewel-by-Utopia-Arkitekter_dezeen_784_2 The-Jewel-by-Utopia-Arkitekter_dezeen_784_1 The-Jewel-by-Utopia-Arkitekter_dezeen_784_0


The-Jewel-by-Utopia-Arkitekter_dezeen_3_1000 The-Jewel-by-Utopia-Arkitekter_dezeen_6_1000




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