Flats and care center in Diemen by KenK Architecten


In 2012, KenK Architecten was commissioned by the municipality of Diemen (Netherlands) to design a multifunctional buiding on the site of a former church. The building had to include apartments for rent and a Centre for Health, Welfare and Health (Parent-Child Centre and Central Service). The church tower was included in the new design as a memory of the place. The modest building has an articulated structure that coincides with the accumulation of functions. In the basement we have the parking garage; the various care functions are placed on the ground level. There are three separate building volumes on the plinth, with 33 apartments around a small courtyard. The spacious, characteristic balconies are a referrence to the sculptural church. The church forms a natural part of the whole – a training room using special light penetration through the ‘sloping’ tower. The brick façade consists of a light and a dark sand-colored stone, matching the color of the church tower. There is a dialogue between the new building and the existing tower that anchors the design in its environment.

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source: http://www.kenkarchitecten.nl/de-brede-hoed-diemen.html

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